Before you start swimming competitions as a swimmer, there are a few preconditions that you must meet;

Swimming is a sport where the technique of the various strokes is very important, the focus is on this first. In competitive swimming we have 4 strokes, namely butterfly stroke, backstroke (back crawl), breaststroke and freestyle (front crawl). Children with at least a swimming diploma C or comparable may participate in swimming training at ZV Torpedo.

Condition and strength
Swimming competitions requires a good condition and strength. Depending on the age, different distances are swum for the different strokes.

When can you participate in competitions?
As soon as you have reasonably mastered the strokes and have a sufficient condition, the coaching staff will decide whether a swimmer is eligible to be registered for a competition. Swimmers will be notified by email. It is therefore important for young swimmers that parents regularly attend training to motivate the swimmers, to get an idea of ​​swimming and to be able to talk about this with the trainer in order to get an idea of ​​the possibilities.

ZV Torpedo swims as an association for points in the  KNZB swimming competition. This requires the commitment of all swimmers to collect enough points to be able to promote to a higher class and/or to get the highest possible rating within the class in which we swim. All swimmers therefore receive a starting permit at the start of their membership to participate in competitions.

Swimming with a physical disability
It is possible for athletes with disabilities to participate in swimming competitions organized by the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB). A disability does not have to be a hindrance to joining. Swimming and the competitions are for everyone. Each swimming stroke requires a specific technique that may be challenging for individuals with physical limitations. The judges can take this into account during the competitions. To do so, one must apply for a so-called 'dispensation' from the KNZB. In some cases, a medical examination by the KNZB may be required. Your coach can assist you with this. For more information about swimmers with disabilities, visit:KNZB | Toelichting beperkingen

The Competitions are organized by the competition secretariats of the participating associations. At every competition in which we participate, the associations must provide timekeepers. For a match organized by ZV Torpedo, the officials must also be supplied. If there are insufficient officials within the association, the associations help each other as much as possible. ZV Torpedo also contributes its part and that is why it is important to have enough volunteers for the competitions. Officials, such as clockers and referees, are indispensable and after following a training you can contribute to the matches.

Age categories
Based on your age, you will be classified by type of competition. The KNZB determines the age categories and the swimming distances during a competition.

  Minioren Junior Youth Senior
Girls 7-11 years 12-14 years 15-16 years 17 years and older
Boys 7-12 years 13-16 years 17-18 years 19 years and older

For an exact age classification you can consult the knzb site, click through to age categories.

Minioren-Junioren Competitions

For the young swimmers there are minor competitions. There is a mini-club meet consisting of 4 preliminary rounds, after which a regional ranking is drawn up and finals follow. You swim these competitions as a team for the association. There is also a miniature circuit, which is divided into two levels: the all-around for advanced and the swim kick for beginners. These matches also consist of four preliminary rounds with regional finals for the all-around. Participation of the ZV Torpedo swimmers in these competitions depends on the number of young swimmers and volunteers who supervise this.

Junioren-Jeugd Competitions (JJC)

These are about 4 games per season especially for juniors and youth. If there is space, seniors can also participate in these competitions. The competitions are organized among themselves with other associations. Last season, some longer distances, such as the 800m, were on the program. The provisions will still be drawn up for the 2022-2023 season. There will probably also be some shorter distances on the program. You swim these competitions for your individual time.

Provincial championships are swum at the end of the season. Individual swimmers who have swum certain times by the KNZB can be registered for this.

KNZB Competitions (NZC)

These are 5 competitions per season for the age categories juniors, youth and seniors, depending on the number of participants, minors may also participate. ZV Torpedo swims in the C-class together with other associations from the region. For each competition you swim against different associations and different participants. This composition of the associations you swim with can change per season. The competition secretariats of the associations mutually agree with which associations the competition will be swum.

In the competition you will be divided into your age category and per distance swum. In the minors, juniors and youth you only swim for yourself, in the competition you also swim for the score of the club. It is therefore important that everyone participates in order to be able to swim all program components and thus gain points. Not being present means that less is scored. The KNZB uses target times and a number of points are awarded based on your swum time. It goes without saying: the faster the better. The points system is based on achieving as few points as possible. Because it is quite complex, we give the simplified version here. If you want to know more, ask the trainer or the competition secretariat.

Brevet competition

Brevet competitions are organised by the club (3 times a year, depending available volunteers for organisation and support), and is only open to Torpedo swimmers. These competitions are a good introduction to swimming competitions. We need volunteers to help.