ZV Torpedo trains 5 times a week, at “De Lieberg”, located on Jan van der Heijdenstraat 170 in Hilversum.

Swimmers train two to four times a week, depending on age, talent and ambition. A team of (volunteer) trainers coach the swimmers.

During training

Equipment needed for training:

  • Trainingsmateriaal (noodzakelijk voor training):

  • Swimgoggles. Speedo is a well known brand for all your swimgear.
  • Competition swimboard. Adds extra floating capacity to train the legs. searchterms: zwemplankje, kickboard
  • Flippers. Adds extra thrust for training. searchterm: zoomers, korte zwemvliezen, speedo trainings fins
  • Pull Buoy. Adds extra floating capacity to train the arms. searchterm: pull buoy 
  • Paddles (only for advanced swimmers, please consult the trainers)

Trainingsmaterials can be found online, for example and

Be on time: 10 minutes before training, so as to be able to start on time. This is also important for those swimmers, who are on time. By being late you risk being excluded from the session.

Sign-out for a training session is not required. When you expect a long time absence, please inform secretaris and ledenadministratie.

Before starting training, please prepare:

  • Toilet (when necessary)
  • Shower
  • Warming up
  • Goggles and cap on

This way, everyone can start on time.

During training:

  • The fastest swimmer of the group swims ahead
  • Start at least 5 seconds after the previous swimmer
  • Toilet visit is permitted, but only after a set, and inform the trainer
  • When in pain, stop, get out of the pool, and inform your trainer

Group 1: Beginners

In the beginners group, the focus is on the basics of swimming. A good swimming technique is important to competitive swimming. The basics of swimming is streamlining and a stable floating technique. Part of the training is also joining a team and team spirit, even though swimming is a very individual sport.

Swimmers almost ready to join group 2, will participate in competitions.

Beginners have two trainings a week on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Group 2: Middle

From group 2, the proper swimming technique, is a bigger part of the training. This is done in a playful way, as having fun in swimming is essential.

Swimmers in group 2, train three times a week and are expected to join one extra training, on Tuesday or Friday.

Groups 3-5: Advanced

As swimmers grow and become stronger they can advance to higher groups. In these groups focus is on swimming technique, speed and distance.

The more advanced groups train 3 to 4 times a week, with Tuesday and Friday sessions being the most popular.