Brevet swimming

Brevet swim for members of ZV Torpedo

Would you like to know how a real competition works, or are you curious how you have grown and how fast you can swim certain distances: ZV Torpedo regularly organizes a "certificate swimming" moment for members of ZV Torpedo, with help from many parents/volunteers. This event takes place in our own swimming pool De Lieberg and parents, grandparents, boyfriends and girlfriends are cordially invited to come and watch. It replaces the Saturday morning training and usually starts a little earlier than the normal training.

How does it work?
There are 6 certifications (brevet) in total. For each certification you swim a distance (25, 50 or 100 m) of each of the 4 strokes, and if you swim within the set time, you get the certification (see overview below). When you have obtained your certification, you will swim for the next certification next time. If you have never participated in the brevet swim event, register for brevet 1 (this means that you swim 25 meters of each stroke, where only the time for the 25m breaststroke counts).

For the other certificates (2 to 6), the 4 distances must have been swum, whereby the limit has been met on at least 3 distances.

Brevet To swim Time limit
Brevet 1 25m crawl Max 30 sec
25m backstroke
25m breaststroke
25m butterfly (optional)
Brevet 2 25m crawl Max 23 sec
25m backstroke Max 27 sec
25m breaststroke Max 27 sec
25m butterfly Max 30 sec
Brevet 3 50m crawl Max 43 sec
50m backstroke Max 51 sec
50m breaststroke Max 54 sec
25m butterfly Max 27 sec
Brevet 4 50m crawl Boys: 37 sec
Girls: 40 sec
50m backstroke Boys: 45 sec
Girls: 48 sec
50m breaststroke Boys: 47 sec
Girls: 50 sec
50m butterfly Boys: 51 sec
Girls: 54 sec
Brevet 5 100m crawl Boys: 1:20 m
Girls: 1:22 m
100m backstroke Boys: 1:36 m
Girls: 1:38 m
100m breaststroke Boys: 1:38 m
Girls: 1:40 m
50m butterfly Boys: 51 sec
Girls: 54 sec
Brevet 6 100m crawl Boys: 1:16 m
Girls: 1:18 m
100m backstroke Boys: 1:32 m
Girls: 1:34 m
100m breaststroke Boys: 1:34 m
Girls: 1:36 m
100m butterfly Boys: 1:37 m
Girls: 1:39 m