Volunteer - Timekeeper

Timekeeper - Turning point commissioner ("Klokker")

One of the most important roles during a competition is reserved for the "Klokker" or "Timekeeper - Turnpoint Commissioner".

As a swim club, we are obliged to supply Timekeepers for competitions in which our swimmers participate. That is why it is important that we have enough volunteers to fulfill this role. To be able to become a "Klokker" (Timekeeper), a training is necessary (4 evenings, 2 hours per evening), which is given twice a year in this region by the KNZB. An exam is taken at the end of this training (about 20 minutes). Training and exam is given in the Dutch language.

The Timekeepers are assigned to each competition by our competition secretariat. To keep the license, a minimum of 3 events per year must be participated as Timekeeper.

For more information about the activities look at the KNZB requirements of the timekeeper, and an overview of the swimming strokes (both articles in Dutch).

For registration and training days, contact the competition secretariat.